The Wander Series Journals

Journeys  – Take Time to Wander













In a world filled with fast-paced living, social media and online profiles it is sometimes easy to forget the inherent value in keeping physical records of our most precious moments and adventures through life.

Stories mean more when you share them. Journeys is the first in the Wander Series of the increasingly popular ‘Legacy Journals’ providing a powerful format for you to create the perfect meaningful gift. That gift is your story.

I hand-picked 52 images from my vault choosing only the very best of my nature landscape and cityscape photography. These I matched with insightful quotes to inspire as you add your own photos and stories creating your very own treasured keepsake perfect for:

  • Life Events: births, milestone birthdays, graduations, weddings
  • Celebrations of life, memorials
  • Family events, reunions, or year after year memories
  • Adventures , travels/vacations, hikes
  • Personal goals & development tracking

Life is about the Journeys you take and the memories you make. Make your journey your lasting legacy.

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Reflections – Take Time to Reflect…

 Is anything more tranquil than sitting next to still waters? As the water mirrors the natural beauty of your surroundings you are swept away in the serenity of the moment. 
 This journal is lovingly designed to take you to those restful places of reflection. Each breathtaking photograph has been carefully chosen to bring you the soothing quiet of a captured moment of tranquility. Let the calm fill your mind and spirit as you reflect upon the things that matter most, and record your thoughts on the lined pages accompanying the inspirational photography. Be still and connect to inner peace. 

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Lights – Take Time to Appreciate

Who are the lights in your life? Who are those special friends or family members who are always there to light your way? This journal is a unique way to let them know how much you appreciate their love and inspiration.  Make this journal for yourself as a way to reflect upon the people that matter most to you, or create a separate journal for each of your loved ones as a way to say, “Thank You for making such a difference in my life.” 

May the magnificence of the lights captured in each stunning photograph inspire you to explore and write about the beauty of each treasured relationship in your life.

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